Monday, July 13, 2009

She's a little bit country....

Meet little Miss E, and baby sister M. I headed up to Liberty to take these cute little girls pictures on their farm. I loved little sassy E's freckles , nothing says summer like new freckles.

Loved the pink cowgirl boots!
I think this is my favorite shot, I just love it in black and white

Sweet baby blues


kdance10 said...

Gorgeous! I really am going to have you take some pictures of my kids one day when i can afford it:)
By the way i laughed so hard at your comment you left on my blog about chevy chase:)

Wight Family said...

Thanks again Kristy for coming all the way up here to take these pics!! I just can't wait to get to see them all. YOu did a terrific job capturing my girls!! THANK YOU!!!