Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The sweet C family

I loved photographing this cute little family, they were so much fun!
Don’t you just love these girls’ eyes complete opposites but both so amazing! Enjoy

10 copy

14 copy

2  copy

card 3

11 copy

girls  copy

Family 3  copy

L&L black and white copy

Mom and Dad  copy

Family 2  copy

1 copy


Carrie said...

I teared up looking at those pics. I absolutely LOVE that family and you did a fabulous job. Aren't they they cutest little chicks you've ever met? Personality GALORE!!! I'm so glad Angenette called you!

Looori said...

Rigby, ID people always photograph well! What a cute family! Good job Koug and good job cute family!

Angenette said...

Oh, yeay!

kdance10 said...

Great job! They are so cute.Hey how do i find out your pricing?

Kory, Kristie and Parker said...

Eww la la, I love the new blog header! What a cute family this is. Fabulous job!

Carrie said...

I made it into your masthead? that's an all out honor!

lizzo said...

OH MY GOSH!! These are SO cute!!!