Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sugar and spice...that's what little girls are made of

My sweet little niece is turning one on St Patties Day, so we did some fun girly pictures for her first birthday! She was so good, not overly smiley but a ham none the less. Here are a few of my favorite so far, plenty more to come. Happy Birthday sweet little Preslie I love your cute little personality that shows more each day, so happy you’re in our family!!

Preslie 14

Preslie 3

Preslie 8

Preslie 2

Preslie 5 copy

Preslie 11

Preslie 7

Preslie 10
Can't decide if I like color or black and white of this one
Her spontaneous twirling, she knew what to do in a pretty tutu!


Valerie said...

Kristy, You are soo amazing!! These are seriously award-winning shots. You totally rock! It helps that precious Preslie is too cute for words and that Kristie is like the photo accessory queen. So darling!

Carrie said...

Here hair is so adorable! I love these shots!

Two K's and Two P's said...

I love her photos and can't wait to do more! It takes so much work to prepare for, but you always pull it off and it makes it so worth all the effort! Thanks for being my kids' aunt and capturing such perfect moments of their lives! Love you.

lizzo said...

Super cute pics.

JeRrY aNd MeLiSsA said...

Where did you take these pics at? They turned out perfect! Preslie being so adorable really helps but man you do so well capturing how precious she is!